When someone suffers from visionary difficulties, they may consider using iLasik Surgery to mend their vision so they can see without the need of glasses or contact lenses. Many people enjoy the benefit of unobstructed, clear vision after this process.

Before the process, the person would have a checkup to see how poor their vision is without using their corrective lenses. Extensive testing would be done to determine the magnitude of the nearsightedness or farsightedness. The eyes would then be checked for tiny imperfections. A 3-D computer generated model would show the doctor exactly which portions of the eye are curved improperly, causing the person to have distorted vision.

The doctor would go over the patient’s medical history to make sure they are a candidate for the procedure. Contact lenses should be kept out of the eyes for two to three weeks before the Lasik Eye Surgery appointment so they do not alter the cornea’s measurements in any way before getting the procedure done.

Lasik Surgery would be administered by your doctor in a surgical setting. They would first prep the eyes by using a laser to make a flap in the corner. This would be lifted off the eye, allowing them to use another laser to adjust the portions underneath so they are no longer curved in a way that distorts vision. The flap would then e put back into place.

This procedure is done with a topical anesthesia, which will number the eye so none of the cuts would be felt by the patient. The patient would be awake throughout the procedure. They would need to be able to fixate each eye on an object when asked to do so. They would also need to be able to keep their eye open while there is a light source nearby. This is done while they are lying flat on a table in the surgical room.

The surgery only takes about twenty minutes to complete. The eye will have a small device placed to keep the eyelid opened so there is no blinking during the process. The eye is tracked via a computer to compensate for any small involuntary movements made while the patient concentrates on keep their eye fixated on the light source. When the process is over, the patient will need someone to drive them home. Rest is recommended for a few days after the Lasik Surgery. Drops will be prescribed. Some patients feel as if there is a scratching sensation in the eyes. As the eyes heal, this will disappear. Clear vision will emerge after a few days of healing as well.